Private Label Venture For RIAs & Family Offices

RIAs & Family Offices can now create custom branded VC portfolios for their clients.

Trusted Solutions for RIAs & Family Offices

Tailored Portfolios

Co-curated Venture funds with select emerging managers.

Fully Integrated

Seedcraft is integrated with most major custodial solutions.

Venture Capital Access

Seedcraft creates and aggregates access to highly vetted emerging managers.

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Now Boarding

Deliver great experiences and unparalleled access to emerging managers all in one fund.

Bespoke Fund Curation

Dive into the world of "white label" funds. Craft, curate, and present venture portfolios, exclusively tailored to your clients' distinct needs.

Your Brand, Amplified

Make a lasting impression. Each fund radiates your signature branding touch, cementing your legacy in the ventures you endorse.

Seamless Behind-the-Scene

Seedcraft ensures that while you're steering the ship, our adept legal and operations teams handle all intricacies of fund creation, legalities, reporting, and administration.

Collaboration with the Best: Collaborate confidently, knowing you're partnering with emerging early-stage venture managers, all stringently pre-screened for distinction.

Offering Venture Capital access has never been easier.

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